October 12, 2017

October 3, 2017

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How to follow Jesus

October 3, 2017

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How to get God to notice you

"It feels like God isn’t listening, God is watching us, from a distance..., ” These are the statements that I most often hear from people that tell me why they don’t read their bibles, pray or attend church on regular bases. Often times there seems to be a glass ceiling that our prayers are not able to pass. l know because I have experienced those moments.

God is not hard to understand, he is extremely practical and

 simple. We are the one who complicates our relationship with him, constantly looking for loopholes to justify our faults (this topic is for a different post). Now I want to start by saying that we live in a spiritual world. Even though Sciences will not acknowledge it, the spiritual world is beyond this world’s level of understanding. We must understand and believe this basic and fundamental truth. Hell and heaven are real, there is a battle for your soul. in addition, the enemies’ number one objection is to make you ”feel” like God is not there. He will do anything he can to discourage you. I will show you how to break through these attacks. Always remember God loves you and he is always there, even if you do not feel him.

Bellow, l have listed some biblical stories of people that have felt like you. People that have felt alone, unloved, ostracized and like God was far away. These stories of their experiences give us the lessons l will share with you know. Take your time and read them, l am confident they will bless you.

The Canaanite Woman Matthew 15:22-27 The Blind Man Mark 10:47-52 The Women with the issue of Blood Mark 5:25-34 Mary Magdalene Luke 7:36-50

Did you read them? Great!

We take 3 principles from these 4 stories. These principles, if applied will lead you to a rich and fulfilling relationship between you and the creator of the universe! You will have a relationship with God few will have the pleasure of experiencing. This is not because you are some sort of weirdo but because you desire a real relationship with God, the relationship he himself has long desired with you.

1# Daring Faith

The Bible states many times that without faith it is impossible to please God. Just to clarify, faith is the belief of what you do not see; we all have faith in something (even Atheist), as Christians we simply choose to put it in God. I’m not just talking about the faith that believes but that ACTS! You must have the guts and passion for acting out your faith. All the people in the story had daring faith! They acted on their faith (in the face of great social opposition)and their faith got the attention of God!


2# Humboldt Spirit

All too often, we get mad at God and turn our backs on him. We become arrogant and bossy to God. Expecting him to operate as a candy machine. We need to have a Humboldt Spirit. in these stories we see people being real about their pain and sickness, they do not care who is listening to the crap in their life. All they care about is for Jesus to hear them. Do not let what others think of you, close your mouth for Jesus.

#3 Willingness to be tested

Nobody likes to be tested. Everyone wants it easy and fast! Please understand that you will be tested. Only through testing will your faith and character become stronger and the test itself will be seeds of greatness that will grow into miracles and wonders in your life, for his glory and your good.

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