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October 3, 2017

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October 3, 2017

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How to develop Latino Leadership

October 22, 2017


When I entered Harding High school in St Paul, I quickly felt out of place. I felt like I didn’t have a voice. l felt that the only people that lead were popular and influential students. l felt that the rest of us were just supposes to follow them. I often dreamed about speaking and leading myself, I just did not know how. I didn’t know where to being.  



At 16 years old, we moved to North Minneapolis, where I continued high school at Patrick Henry. I decided to run for classroom representative beginning my junior year. I was scared but I tied for votes with a seasoned student leader. We both moved on to run for junior class officer later that month. I was extremely surprised to have the second most votes out of 12 candidates (top 8 were chosen to represent the Junior class). That same year I became the Christian Youth Club President at the high school, where I lead the next 2 years. That same year Legions Boys State, nominated me to represent my high school at the Boys State convention. My senior year I ran for Student Government President where I won one of the two seats.


As an adult I decided to join the community organization that represented the community were I lived in North Minneapolis called NRRC. I ran a door knocking campaign that got me the votes I need to represent my district. I represented over 3 thousand people within my immediate community. I used my first year at NRRC to listen, learn and support the leadership in place (great leaders follow well before they lead well). My second year in NRRC I was nominated to become Vice-Chairmen, where I have lead the last 3 years. Here is what I have learned

To become a great Leader YOU MUST accumulate the following.

Knowledge- (Knowledge is power) Familiarize yourself with bylaws and Robert rules of order to run an effective organization. Learn where and how to access monies to build your community. 


Development- Learn to work with a team, and eventually lead the team as well. Practice makes perfect  



Connections- (organizations attract other leaders) Opportunities are not about what you know but whom you know. You must learn to work with people with all types of beliefs, faiths and backgrounds.  


(Leaders attract other Leaders)

Join an organization near you! www.minnesotanonprofits.org 


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