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October 3, 2017

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October 3, 2017

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God wants you to work out

June 26, 2018

Hello, my name is Victor Armando Martinez, and I have been a Northside (MPLS) for over 14 years now. I’m a graduated from Patrick Henry High School. I, like most adults, got married and started raising a family. Little did I realize that my body began to lose its spring in its steps. At first, I blamed it on the winter and carrying my children around. Soon I found myself sleeping on my bedroom floor, and no it was not because my wife was mad at me. It was because I began to have serious lower back pain, and only the floor could relieve


some of that pain. I did what most people would do for a quick and easy fixe. I went to the Chiropractic, but one appointment became 6 months’ worth and even though I got better and could now sleep on my bed, I still had a nagging pain.





Then came the answer I had been waiting for (but didn’t know it). The community organization I volunteer for (NRRC) was approached by Al MacFarlane media. They told us about an initiative called I2H fitness challenge.  Where they asked some community organizations to help sponsor local residents to join a special workout group that would meet for 10 weeks. After weeks of looking for a residence, no one wanted the opportunity. After the session started, my wife Daysi and I took the opportunity!






After the first few weeks of working out with Val and Chaz (the two amazing coaches), I began to notice something special, my back pain began to go down. I began to feel young again (even though I’m only 32 years old). And now more then 2 months later I am still at with the support of The Wedge CoOp. I even got my mother and another Latino from the Northside attending weekly!






I have now experienced the power of working out! I have seen older folks that come in limping leave walking. Folks that needed a chair to work out and now can ride a bike! I’m telling you, join the I2H fitness challenge!

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